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The Global Mobility Survey was established in 2009 to provide the largest and most reliable empirical data source for HR and Global Mobility professionals to use to benchmark programmes and help to achieve continual improvement.

The results are purely from companies that transfer staff around the world. Respondents are HR, Compensation & Benefits and in-house Mobility Professionals who are responsible for their own employee transfer programme. The results do not include outsourced suppliers.

Global Survey of Multinational Mobility Programmes

The Global Mobility Survey provides insight into the key trends and practices of multinational mobility programmes around the world. Respondents are HR and Mobility professionals who are responsible for managing their organisations’ mobility programmes out of North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and the Pacific region.

Data Available to Human Resources and Global Mobility Professionals

International HR, Compensation & Benefits (Comp & Ben) and Global Mobility Professionals are able to request access to benchmarking portal or request a copy of the global trends report.

Benchmark Your Mobility Programme

This Portal is designed to accompany the Global Mobility Report. The Report provides expert insight into the key trends. This Portal enables you to investigate these global trends further by industry, region and country.

Reliable Data

The Global Mobility Survey is the largest and most robust review of multinational mobility programmes available. The results are collected from HR and Mobility professionals from over one thousand organisations. The Survey attracts respondent companies from over 70 countries across 6 continents and spans a comprehensive range of industry sectors. The large sample size means more meaningful results and the ability to segment data for deeper analysis. This Report paper provides an overview of key findings and trends extracted from The Global Mobility Survey, the world’s largest study of global mobility programmes.

Academics : Results Open to Academics for Analysis!

Availability of empirical data in regards to the fields of Global Mobility, Assignment management and Relocation is hard to find.

If you are an Academic or are studying International Human Resources or Global Mobility you are welcome to use the Portal on the understanding that you will share your findings with the Global Mobility Survey and reference in your published documents.